Donald S. MacNaughton

A photo of Donald MacNaughton

A prodigious businessman, Don MacNaughton has led companies and boards throughout Tennessee and the country with dignity, compassion and success.  During WWII, MacNaughton served as a 1st Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Air Corps in the South Pacific. After working with Prudential Insurance Company of America in various capacities—MacNaughton went on to work as the CEO and chairman of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA).

While MacNaughton was CEO and Chairman of HCA, the organization grew from a regional phenomenon to a national company, both feared and emulated by its competitors. Throughout it all, MacNaughton brought a disciplined approach and best practices to the company.

He humbly accepted the invitation to go with the HealthTrust spinoff in 1987. At the time, many saw the 104 HealthTrust hospitals as cast-offs, mostly underperforming hospitals in unattractive markets. However, with a good team behind him, MacNaughton made HealthTrust a financial success and improved health care in communities across the country.

McNaughton’s leadership consistently created a culture of honesty, camaraderie, and respect. His ethical conduct inspired others and set a high standard for the future of corporate health care leadership.