G. Scott Morris, M.D.

A profile photo of Scott Morris

A leader in community health outreach, Dr. G. Scott Morris founded the Church Health of Memphis in 1987, where he has served as CEO to this day. Established as a faith-based health clinic for the working uninsured, Church Health now cares for over 70,000 people who depend on it’s services. Under Dr. Morris’s guidance, Church Health developed a model for distinctive patient care that went beyond medicine to encompass movement, emotion, nutrition, friends and family, and spiritual life in caring for the whole person.

Dr. Morris has engaged countless individuals and hundreds of diverse congregations, as volunteers, donors and partners in caring for the health of those underserved. His vision, endurance and exceptional capacity to engage others has made Church Health the largest faith-based, privately funded health clinic in the country.

Church Health began offering replication workshops and consultation services to support the development of other faith-based health clinics. Today, these programs have helped more than 50 free and charitable clinics get their start.

Dr. Morris has spoken, written and shared his expertise and experience widely, making his impact on community health outreach extend across the country and around the world to countless individuals in need.