Kathryn M. Edwards, M.D.

Dr. Kathryn M. Edwards is a renowned researcher. After completing medical school, residency and fellowships, Dr. Edwards became one of two pediatric infectious disease researchers at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in 1980 when she came to Vanderbilt. Currently, Dr. Edwards serves as the Sarah H. Sell and Cornelius Vanderbilt Endowed Chair in Pediatrics, Scientific Director of Vanderbilt’s Vaccine Research Program and Professor of Pediatrics at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.

Throughout her internationally recognized and decorated career, Dr. Edwards has contributed to vaccine development and the elimination of countless diseases. Her work has informed evidence-based treatment protocols for numerous infections, and she has led trials for nearly every infectious disease for which an effective vaccine exists.

Her contributions to preventing pediatric pathogens, documented in her 500+ scientific publications, have advanced public and child health immeasurably.

In addition to conducting her extensive research, she continues to work closely with patients modeling excellent patient care. Dr. Edwards’ work has advanced vaccine science, saved and improved countless lives around the globe, and trained the next generation of pediatricians, infectious diseases doctors and researchers.