Monroe Dunaway “M.D.” Anderson

A photo of MD Anderson

Born in Jackson, Tennessee, Monroe Dunaway “M.D.” Anderson lived a life guided by basic principles: hard work, thrift, and personal charity for those in need. He began his career at People Savings Bank, and later became Treasurer, President and Chief Financial Officer for Anderson, Clayton & Co.—which became the largest cotton trading company in the world.

Upon Anderson’s death in 1939, his fortune passed to his charitable trust, the largest charitable fund in the state of Texas. This trust was ultimately used to fund the Texas Medical Center and the M.D. Anderson Cancer Center – the No. 1 cancer center in the world for research, diagnosis, care and treatment. His generosity also assisted in establishing libraries, auditoriums, college buildings and a university planetarium in his hometown of Jackson.

Anderson’s vision and desire to dedicate his fortune to those less fortunate endures today, supporting every segment of the medical, educational, vocational and industrial segments of our society.